The Network Symphony – Building a Foundation for the Digital Business.

The Network Symphony – Building a Foundation for Your Digital Business

Digital business is not just about making IT work, it’s about everything working together. New applications meshing seamlessly with legacy applications and a platform that hosts any Software Defined Function. Visibility, performance, security and what data is held where is critical. But all you want to do is create a safe, reliable, scalable, and fast digital environment for your business, but that environment is more dynamic than ever.

The short paper, The Network Symphony, outlines four steps for your network that, in Juniper’s opinion, underpin a successful cloud-led organization.

This video shows you why a great data center network lets you build a great business.

Your Path to the Cloud Will Define Your Organization

Digital Transformation is a business led decision but there is no doubt that technology knowhow will drive the pace of change. It’s easy to say the cloud will solve everything but what does that actually mean? Your path to the cloud will define your business today, tomorrow and for years to come.

This webinar, hosted by Datacenter Dynamics and featuring, Andy Ingram (Juniper’s VP, Worldwide Datacenter and Cloud), highlights things you should consider and the options you have as you transform into a cloud-led business. Watch the webinar.

The Path to the Cloud Webinar

Case Study: eBay’s transformation was a winning bid

DC Transformation Success: A Case Study

eBay Classifieds transformed and automated their data center with a Juniper solution. Click here to discover why Maarten Moerman, Manager of Network Engineering says “Another reason we chose Juniper was that we found the hardware and the feature set to be more mature than those from the other vendors out there.”

Or watch the video here.

The Right Solution for Data Center Networks

You need an agile and efficient network design for your data center and cloud. The Juniper Networks MetaFabric is simple, open, and smart. It is the ideal solution for you to avoid vendor lock-in and clear the way for innovations that create business value.

Download the solution brief here.

Simple, Open, Smart – Juniper Networks MetaFabric

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