Security Specialist Lee Fisher on fighting the bad guys

Cybercriminals are Targeting You. Stop Them Cold.

Digital assets have become so valuable they are tempting targets for organized cybercriminals. Security guru Lee Fisher tells you what they are looking for, and how to protect yourself. Watch the video.

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Do You Think Your Data is Secure?

Can you stop cybercriminals from getting at your corporate secrets? Or your customer data base – complete with credit card information? Are you sure none of your employees will insert a contaminated USB stick into their computers? At Juniper Networks we don’t believe that any single-purpose security device can do it all, so we focus on securing the one thing that sees all threats: the network.

Read this summary to understand why the network is the new firewall.

Or watch the video.

Turn your network into an immune system

Your network should protect you

Build a Secure Business With a Secure Network

You want to build more than a network – you want to create a safe, reliable and fast business environment for your organization’s digital transformation. To help you be successful, we believe in building networks that have security embedded at the core. Secure networks that can automatically identify, isolate, and eliminate threats before they do any damage. This vision has been realized with our Software-Defined Secure Networks. Click here to read about it.

Or download the infographic describing it and the four steps to SDSN you can take today.

Security is Too Critical to Leave to Mere “Security” Devices

Juniper believes the entire network should look for and enforce security. That is what Software-Defined Secure Networks is all about. The three key principles of SDSN are:

Watch this short video, which explains the SDSN platform for secure networks and shows how you to centralize and automate your security.

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