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White Paper: Making Digital Cohesion a Reality

By now digital disruption is an old story – you get it, your company gets it. The next phase, Digital Cohesion, is coming fast—and when it arrives, users will adopt quickly and ask for more. Most of the technologies already exist to make this vision a reality. Service providers and enterprises who prepare now will be the clear winners in the Digital Cohesion economy.
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What does the era of Digital Cohesion look like? Meet Timmy, and see how the automation, security, openness, and performance behind the scenes provide him a totally personalised digital experience – in just 13 milliseconds.
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The Self-Driving Network™: Can Tomorrow’s Networks be Like Tomorrow’s Cars?

Today’s user experience seems effortless. Isn’t it about time managing your network was just as effortless? That is the idea of the Self-Driving Network. Just like a self-driving car, it will work automatically. Read about how the Self-Driving Network is A Bolder Vision for the Industry.

Juniper CTO Kireeti Kompella noticed automated car prototypes in his neighborhood. Now he shows us how to develop the Self-Driving Network. Watch the video.

Tomorrow’s networks will be autonomous, like cars

Savings of €1.47m. Worth thinking about, right?

The business value of Network Transformation

As you move towards Digital Cohesion using Self-Driving Networks as a foundation, what benefits will you derive today? Independent analyst IDC asked that very question of a number of Juniper Networks customers. How does a 349% ROI sound? Or a downtime-reduction of 86%?

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