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May 25th 2018 has come and gone and GDPR is now a fact of life.
Along the way, 
we’ve shared our GDPR journey, and now bring you some of our favourite resources to support your mission for data governance and protection.

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GDPR: A Practical Guide to
Getting It Done

This comprehensive eBook is packed with hints, tips, checklists and best practice ideas. Whether you’re just getting started or want to check your progress, this guide is for you.

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Juniper’s Guide to
GDPR Solutions

GDPR provides a clear directive for the way your data and applications should be protected and audited. Given that they all use your network, we’ve hand-picked some key solutions we believe can help you become GDPR compliant.

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Why Data Protection is About to Get Serious

More than a year on from the GDPR’s implementation, businesses are now fully understanding the implications and consequences of data protection legislation.

This blog by Laurence Pitt, Global Security Strategy Director of Juniper Networks, explains why the coming months and years will bring more major changes and challenges in the battle for ongoing compliance.

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Outmaneuver the
Toughest Cybercriminals

With deep pockets and unlimited resources, cybercriminals continually up their game. How can enterprises stay one step ahead? In this eGuide, you’ll find:

– Information about some of today’s most sophisticated cybercriminals
– Plans to help you defend your company from the onslaught of attacks
– Practical tips to improve your cybersecurity posture

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Video Library

Rethinking Security Models

Is it time to look at the security models we use and ask, if they are not effective today, how are they expected to be suitable going forwards?

Protection for Valuable Data

In the modern era, data can reside almost anywhere on a network, so a network-wide approach to securing that data has become essential. That’s why Banca di San Marino deployed Juniper’s Unified Cybersecurity platform to keep its sensitive information safe, wherever it resides.

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