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On Your GDPR Journey

The 25th May has been and gone and GDPR is now a fact of life. We’re sharing our GDPR journey, along with resources we are sure you’ll find useful. Want to know more about how we can help? We’re here with you.*

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Webinar On Demand - Tackling the Final Leg of your GDPR Journey

Tackling the Final
Leg of your GDPR Journey

There are three recurring challenges we see our customers encountering in their GDPR journey. Find out what they are and how to tackle them.

GDPR: A Practical Guide to Getting It Done

This comprehensive eBook is packed with hints, tips, checklists and best practice ideas. Whether you’re just getting started or want to check your progress, this guide is for you.

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Video Library

i3D Customer Reference

How Juniper is assisting our valued customer i3D on its journey to GDPR.

The Future Depends On Secure Digital Cohesion

The role of data in your business, and what you should do to protect it.

Insights from Gitte Bendzulla

An overview of Juniper’s journey and what we’ve learned so far.

Insights from Gitte – Part Two

Gitte Bendzulla returns to explain stage one of the GDPR journey and covers key considerations.

Insights from Gitte – Part Three

Gitte Bendzulla describes the suggested design of operational controls in the context of GDPR.

SDSN – The Essential Component of Your GDPR Strategy

See Software Defined Secure Networking in action and discover how it applies to GDPR.

Juniper’s Guide to GDPR Solutions

While GDPR compliance cannot be achieved with a one-stop product or solution, the data and applications you are required to protect and audit all use your network. So we’ve hand-picked some key solutions we believe can help you along your GDPR journey.

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How We’re Preparing for GDPR

Available on-demand, join Gitte Bendzulla, Junipers’ EMEA General Counsel and Lee Fisher, Juniper’s EMEA Head of Security, discussing our GDPR journey so far. With Gitte focused on preparing our company for GDPR, discover what she’s learned so far and hear Lee’s recommendations for companies like yours.

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Cybersecurity Is Not
About Technology

Traditional security methods are proving futile against today’s highly organized gangs of cyber criminals. Protect your data wherever your people and networked devices are.

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GDPR – Initial Thoughts

Lee Fisher and Laurence Pitt discuss the EU General Data
Protection Regulation, and the role of security tools
and professionals in GDPR.

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GDPR – 12 Things to Consider

In a solo effort, Lee Fisher, takes a deep dive into what GDPR is, and identifies 12 things everyone should have on their GDPR checklist.

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