Frequently Asked Questions

AG Nexus is a company that creates a platform for people to invest in the agribusiness sector
You log onto and go through the on-boarding process
AG Nexus pays dividends to investors based on the business performance
We are currently open to investments for a term of one year
You can invest in any of the major currencies and we will take care of the foreign exchange component i.e. USD, GBP, EUR
At the end of the tenor of the investment, we will remit the proceeds – principal and dividends - to the nominated account
AG Nexus invests in three areas: meat livestock, dairy livestock and animal feeds
The offering under the dairy investment allows you to adopt a farm, improve a farm and to also invest in milk stocks. The three options are geared towards improving milk production and milk safety.
The meat offering allows you to invest in a herd and also in live stocks. The investment is geared towards improving meat farming by ensuring increased weigh gain, market access and provision of quality meat products consistently.
The fodder investment offering is geared towards ensuring that both the meat and dairy segments have sufficient and quality feeds. The feeds catalyse increased productivity and weight gain. To ensure constant availability of feeds, we this will be anchored on irrigation.
The biggest risk we envision is productivity risk. We are mitigating this risk by employing a team of professionals to run the operations of the company. The other biggest risk we envision is feeds which we are mitigating by engaging experienced producers and providing them with irrigation.